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How to Apply

To apply to the Barbara Meyers Pelson Faculty-Student Engagement Endowment Fund, applicants must submit the following materials electronically as a single PDF document:

1.) Narrative description of the applicant’s past engagement as a teacher-scholar.

This description should include the following three sections:

a) Description of faculty member’s sustained record of excellence as a teacher (maximum 1 page). Include a summary sheet from student course feedback forms from the last 5 years.

b) Description of faculty member’s sustained record of collaborative research, scholarship, or creative activity with students (maximum 1 page). Include course syllabi that exemplify student-faculty engagement, if applicable.

c) Summary of evidence of applicant’s nationally recognized research, scholarly, or creative achievements (maximum 1 page).

2.) Narrative description of the applicant’s plans for the three activities associated with the Chair.

This description should include the following three sections:

a) A plan for collaborative activities with students (maximum 2 pages). Include a discussion of learning outcomes for the students, procedures for selecting participating students, timeline, and estimated budget.

b) A plan for campus-wide activities aimed at enhancing the college’s capacity in faculty-student engagement (maximum 2 pages). Include justification for the proposed activities, anticipated campus-wide impact, potential collaborations with existing campus structures and estimated budget. Highlight the strengths and unique perspective of the applicant that will make these particular activities successful.

c) A plan for first year’s annual lecture. Include a budget and a preliminary plan for the two subsequent lectures (maximum 2 pages).

3.) Applicant’s professional CV.

4.) Two letters of support.

At least one of the letters should be from the department chair or dean, and the letters should attest to applicant’s contribution to advancing faculty-student engagement.

For more information on how to apply to the Chair, contact or click here for the PDF.